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Moving from Dallas to San Diego – What to Know Before Your Move

What You Need to Know Before Moving From Dallas to San Diego 

With azure waters and hundreds of crisscrossing windsurfers along beautiful powdery beaches, San Diego looks like a paradise. As the southernmost city in California, San Diego has a chilled coastal vibe with numerous cultural events and hosts the hottest industries in today’s market. Below are the eight most essential things you should know before moving to San Diego from Dallas:

1. The cost of living in San Diego

San Diego can be quite a costly city to live in, especially when moving from Dallas. While it’s not as expensive as other tech hubs such as San Francisco, transport, utilities, housing, and grocery costs are above the national average. Square footage is quite costly; thus, houses are smaller. The advantage is that most locals spend most of their time outside. The median cost of a home in San Diego is 645,000 dollars while in Dallas is 214,700 Dollars.

2. Industrialization

San Diego is an industrialization hotpot where healthcare, tech, and biotechnology companies have set up shop. The city is a preferred destination for university graduates with great ideas and the resilience to bring them to life, unlike Dallas, where most graduates move from. The median age for people living in Dallas is 32.5, while in San Diego, it is 34.5.

3. The weather

When moving to San Diego, you need to pack light. Don’t bring your boots, coats, and everything woolen. Thanks to the low humidity and the all-year-round sunshine that keeps most people on their patios and the beach, your simple summer attire will suffice. According to BestPlaces, San Diego has 266 days of sun every year, while Dallas has 234 days.

4. Be wise when using water

California is often prone to drought, and most people who come from greener and lusher parts of the country may not know this. It may take some time before you get used to the state as it’s a little drier than Dallas. However, watching your water usage by changing some things such as turning the faucet off when washing up and brushing your teeth will go a long way to preserve water. It would be best if you also kept your showers short by setting a timer.

5. Driving in the city and public transportation

Most people in San Diego own cars; driving can be quite a hassle. If you are nervous about driving, avoid rush hour by planning your activities well ahead, and stick to the slow lane. You can also use public transportation; the city has a Metropolitan Transit System, including light rails and bus service and trolleys to help you move around. However, before using public transport, ensure that you have a Compass Card- the city’s smart card. You can also use their app on your phone to purchase tickets.

6. Navigation

According to this company in San Diego, America’s Finest City is well-planned and laid out in a grid pattern- whether you are using a bike, taking a walk, or driving around in a car, the city is easy to navigate. From the north to the South, all the roads are well numbered- remember odd-numbered roads head north, and the even-numbered ones head south. From the west to the east, the streets are alphabetically named after trees- from Ash St to Walnut St. From then on, the roads are named after the letters of the alphabet – A St, B St, etc.

7. San Diego is a large city with a chilled vibe

When it comes to size, San Diego is the second-largest city in California after Los Angeles. However, it has a remarkably approachable and relaxed vibe with lower crime rates than other major cities in America. Dallas has a crime rate of 37 out of 100, this is considerably higher than San Diego, which is 24 out of 100.

8. Earthquakes

San Diego is geographically located near some of the earth’s fault lines. While earthquakes are infrequent in this area, they could occur. It’s important to know what to do in case of an earthquake. An essential thing to do is to be aware and stay calm.

Top Tips For Moving Your Household In the Summer Heat

Summer poses the best weather for undertaking different activities, including moving. It is an ideal time for most families because children are out of school. Due to the high number of people moving their household during the summer season, a moving service may be hard to find.

With the presence of scorching sun during the day, the entire process may be exhaustive. Here are five tips to make moving your household during the summer heat easier.

 1. Plan In Advance

With the many moving activities taking place during the summer season, most reputable moving companies are on a tight schedule. If you’re looking to hire one, you should consider booking it at least two months before your moving date. At this time, you can comfortably look out for alternative movers if you need to compare their rates.

Prior arrangements will also help you plan on packing your household without being in a rush.

 2. Move Your Household Early

If you are seeking to evade the summer heat when moving, avoid moving during the afternoon. Book a moving company that will schedule your move in the early morning hours. During the morning hours, the temperatures are cooler, probably at least by 10 degrees. Summer afternoons are hot and can be strenuous and dehydrating.

 3. Put On The Right Clothing

Cotton and linen clothing are the best clothes to put on when moving on the summer heat. These fabrics allow air circulation, which is essential in preventing:

  • Heat exhaustion
  • Heat Stroke
  • Heat rash
  • Heat cramps, among other heat-related complications

Light colored clothing and those with neutral colors are good in keeping you cool even under the summer heat. Any dark and black colored clothing absorbs heat, which can make you hotter. A light-colored hat will prevent direct sun heat on your head and face.

 4. Keep Hydrated

Stay hydrated during the summer season, especially when undertaking vigorous activities like moving. Lifting massive furniture and hauling boxes to and from the moving truck will keep you sweating. You need to replenish the water that you will lose through the sweat loss to prevent the ill effects of dehydration.

On moving day ensure you have cold bottled water or sports drinks for the movers and any other people involved. Cold beverages will help you prevent overheating.

 5. Take Care of Your Household Goods

Some of your household goods may be sensitive to high temperatures. Such items include:

  • Electronics
  • Artwork
  • Photographs
  • Medical supplies and drugs, among others.

Such household items should be packed carefully and protected from direct heat from the sun. Avoid loading them into the moving truck and, instead, carry them in your car. Also carry any valuables such as jewelry and your safe box. This is to reduce the risk of misplacing or losing them.

Moving your households during the summer heat can be a daunting task. However, with the steps above, you should enjoy your move.


6 Tips For Handling Your Furniture Safely When Moving

Moving out to a new place can be an overwhelming exercise, especially when you have furniture as part of your household. These are one of the most expensive home items after your electronics, and you don’t want to mess with their superior condition. Here are tips to guarantee the safety of your furniture during your relocation.

1. Avoid moving heavy furniture on your own.

You may think lifting heavy furniture by yourself as others work on moving other items will save time. However, this may damage your furniture. The weight of the heavy furniture may overwhelm you, and you may drop it. You will end up damaging your furniture and the floor as well.

Ask for the support of your friends when lifting heavy furniture or leave the job to professional movers. Professional movers have fully-trained laborers who know how to handle large household goods, including furniture.

2. Hire a moving truck that comes with tie-downs and a ramp.

If you are not planning to hire a professional moving company, hire a truck that will support your furniture safely. An ideal moving truck should have a tie-downs track to allow you to tie your furniture on them. These tie-downs will ensure that pieces  are held in one position when on transit. A ramp is also essential for easy loading and offloading of furniture.

3. Get moving supplies.

Using the available materials such as carton boxes, tapes for packing, or blankets can keep your furniture safe while moving. However, investing in a few additional pieces of equipment can help a long way in moving. Visit your local store to grab the below few other items that are helpful during your relocation:

  • plastic bags, preferably sealable
  • corrugated cardboard
  • bubble wraps
  • covers for both your sofas and mattresses

4. Dismantle your furniture.

While you can’t dismantle every pieces of furniture, you should, where possible, disassemble what you can for ease of carrying. Use an owner’s manual where available to guide you disassemble your furniture. For couches and tables detach the legs; for beds, take apart the bed frame.

5. Put parts such as bolts and screws in one place.

These are tiny parts and can easily slip off in the process of moving your furniture. As you take furniture apart, add these pieces to food storage bags that you can seal and attach to the item you’re moving. Placing these parts together also makes it easier when you want to assemble your furniture when it arrives at your new place. To ensure ease of locating these parts when you want to gather, label each sealable bag with a description of the piece of furniture.

6. Ensure to wrap your furniture well.

You want your furniture to arrive at your new home safely without any dings or scratches. Make sure you wrap your furniture with quality protective materials. Protect fragile parts such as glass tops and wooden legs by placing additional layers or materials on top. To wrap you can use different materials. The ideal method for glass tops would be bubble wrapping. For most other furniture, use heavy-duty moving blankets and secure with plastic movers’ wrap.

3 Of the Heaviest Items to Move and Why You Should Hire Pro Movers

When moving, putting your favorite cd player in a box is easy. But packing up your washing machine or television is another story. Some items require more effort to move either because it’s heavy or has a complex structure that demands utmost care to disassemble.

Want to know which heavy stuff is difficult to move?

Here’s the list.

1. Grandfather Clock

Taking the top spot, this highly complex instrument of time can be a pain to relocate. Aside from being heavy, it has an intricate structure. Do you ever wonder how many bolts and screws this thing has? One missing piece will be enough to stop it from working. A grandfather clock can also be delicate since it has aged with time. The whole point is to tinker out the entire thing carefully. Wear gloves when disassembling and put the pieces in labeled containers.

2. Piano

A piano is a valuable piece of furniture, complicated like a grandfather clock but twice as heavy. Moving one can be a huge undertaking, but it’s not impossible. To move this thing successfully, you need to have it dismantled into several parts. Careful planning and execution are an essential part of the task.

3. Objects with Sentimental Value

You might be expecting something bigger than the two above, but surprise! Nothing is more massive than objects that carry sentimental value. Why? Simply because they weigh a lot in our hearts. All the money in the world can’t buy the memories that these items hold. Although movers don’t move things like these, they still deserve to be mentioned on this list. When these items get damaged, you’ll move into your new home with a heavy heart.

How Can Pro Movers Help You?

Without sufficient knowledge, trying to pack and move items by yourself can get out of hand. That’s why professional furniture movers exist. Rigged with the right equipment, they can help you move your precious belongings safely and efficiently. If you want a smooth moving experience, consider hiring a professional moving company.


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