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5 Tips To Packing Your Garage For a Long Distance Move

Are you planning on a long-distance move? If yes, you may be worried about how you will pack your garage. In this article, we will look into five tips about packing your garage for a long-distance move.

1. Sort Through and Organize

The process of sorting through may be tedious to some extent. Nonetheless, it is crucial to prepare for a long-distance move. Ensure you have designated different areas depending on what you are keeping or supposed to get rid of. The movers cannot pack some items, and that means you should pack them by yourself since they may be delicate to some extent. When you pack your items well in boxes, you will not have a crowded garage in your new premises.

2. Carry out a Garage Sale

The garage sale may help raise some cash since you are only selling the items you do not need. You can advertise the garage sale of a platform such as Craigslist. The things that will not be sold can be donated while the rest can be thrown away with the rest of the trash before the long-distance move.

Garage sales can lessen the items you need to bring and declutter your space.

3. Gather all the Important Moving Supplies

The items that you will need to move the supplies in the garage include boxes and moving blankets. Each of these items will help you to pack up the objects present in the garage. It would be best if you did not assume that the things present in the boxes can be carried as they are. The main focus is on ensuring the fragile items are safeguarded. The containers should be well taped and sturdy. The content in the boxes used during the long-distance move should also be padded.

4. Crosscheck the non-allowable List

The moving firm may not move plants, corrosives, and hazardous items. When hiring a moving company, make sure they have issued a list of things that they cannot transport during the moving process. If you have a lawnmower that runs on fuel, you can drain the fuel at least 48 hours before the long-distance move. The fuel tank should also be left open so that the fuel can also evaporate. To ease the moving process, make sure you have a moving checklist. It will guide you and make sure the moving process is simple.

Checklists are a huge help to everyone, especially when moving!

5. Look into How You Can Pack Awkward Items

Some of the awkward items that are typically stored in the garage include rakes and shovels. Such things should be wrapped with packing tape, and the handles should face one direction. If the shovels are sharp, you can cover them using bubble wrap. After that, the entire batch should then be covered using a moving blanket.

Be sure to pack everything carefully.

Other important tips include:

  • If you have any power tools, you should pack them on their original boxes. If the tools have detachable parts, you can remove them to be transported safely without incurring any damage.
  • As you move, you can also organize your toolbox. The small tools should be locked in. By doing so, you will ensure that the tools will not get lost during the moving process.

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